Conservative groups issue voter guides ahead of Texas’ March 1 primary election

Conservative groups issue voter guides ahead of Texas’ March 1 primary election

March 1, 2022 0 By Bethany Blankley

Ahead of the March 1 primary election, several conservative groups in Texas have issued statewide voter guides, and a range of endorsements. Among them, notably, none have endorsed incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott for reelection.

Grassroots American-We The People PAC, one of the largest and most influential grassroots organization in the state, has endorsed Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) for governor, and Congressman Louie Gohmert for attorney general. It released an extensive list of endorsements, including printable PDFs, with detailed information about each candidate.

“Voters are frustrated. For nearly 20 years, Republicans have had trifecta control of the law-making process in our Legislature – meaning that Republicans have held the reins of power in the Offices of Governor and Lt. Governor as well as in majorities in both the state senate and the state House (with a Republican Speaker),” the group’s leader, Joann Flemming, said. “Yet session after session, the majority of critical Republican Party priorities determined by GOP Primary voters and TX GOP State Convention grassroots delegates fail to pass or are watered-down versions trumpeted as evidence of ‘the most conservative session ever.’

“Case in point – no secure border, no end to handouts for illegals, no labor law enforcement to punish illegal hiring, no end to in-state tuition for illegals, no end to property taxes/no real tax cuts, no deterrence to electronic hacking of elections (but reduced voter fraud penalties from a 2nd Degree Felony down to a Class A Misdemeanor), no ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying, no ban on sex change mutilations/chemical sterilization of children, no abolish abortion, no protection of historical monuments, no ban on ‘emergency orders’ that trample individual liberty – and Texas is STILL the #2 State in the nation for human trafficking.”

Texas Eagle Forum PAC also published a list of 2022 candidate endorsements, including either West or Texas businessman and former state Sen. Don Huffines for governor, and Gohmert for attorney general.

Conservative Republicans of Texas, which has endorsed Huffines for governor and incumbent Ken Paxton for attorney general, published a sample ballot of candidates it endorses who are running in congressional, state, county judge, board of education, and precinct level positions.

Texans Uniting for Reform & Freedom published a 2022 Primary Voter Guide to assess candidates’ positions on toll roads, transportation policy, including accountability and transparency, and property rights. It’s endorsed Huffines and Gohmert.

“Generally speaking, the current leadership of this state has blocked our reforms for far too long,” the group states. “Incumbents (with rare exceptions) have had their chance to perform and get the job done. We’re tired of excuses and delays. Taxpayers/drivers need relief NOW and they’re not getting it.”

Texans for Vaccine Choice, which endorses no candidates, simply lists candidates who’ve signed its pledge to protect vaccine choice in its voter guide. The pledge states, “I pledge to the citizens of the State of Texas that I will vigorously work to prohibit all vaccine mandates in Texas, including those imposed by both public and private businesses, and I support the special session to do so immediately.”

The Texas Freedom Caucus published a voter guide to explain the 10 propositions on the ballot. The propositions are non-binding and won’t create law. The group doesn’t make any endorsements of any candidates. The guide only explains the ballot propositions, which “act as both an opinion poll and subsequent marching orders to show the legislature which conservative priorities voters expect to be put into action,” its chairman, Republican State Rep. Mayes Middleton, says.

They relate to:

  • The Texas border and immigration
  • Property taxes
  • Penalties for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Race in education curriculum
  • Establishing a right to life from fertilization to natural death
  • State legislative practices
  • Penalties for election fraud and maintaining state-run elections
  • Prohibition of sex transition procedures for minors
  • Education funding
  • Freedom of individual conscience

The Freedom Caucus recommends that voters vote yes on all of them.

While Texas Right to Life published an online survey for Republicans to fill out related to the Texan Republican Party platform. It’s endorsed candidates are here.

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