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December 21, 2021 0

Colorado’s economy shows strong growth but faces headwinds, state forecasts say

By Robert Davis

Colorado’s economy has shown strong growth but continues to face headwinds due to ongoing supply chain disruptions, according to state economic forecasts.  The Office of State Planning and Budget’s (OSPB) forecast, which was released on Friday, projected employment in industries like...

December 20, 2021 0

Indicators point to corrections ahead for the 2022 farm economy

By Zeta Cross

The Illinois farm economy is healthy, but the indicators show that corrections are due. Glen Semple, vice president/senior commercial lender...

September 9, 2021 0

Nebraska economy could slow this winter, study says

By David Beasley

Nebraska’s economy could be headed for a winter chill, according to a new study. The state’s leading economic indicator dropped...